Join the Youth of the National Coalition Party!

Join us in deciding what Finland will look like tomorrow. We want to be part of building a supportive, caring, and respectful society for every individual.

The membership fee for Kokoomusnuoret (Youth of the National Coalition Party) is approximately 8–18 euros per year, which includes the National Coalition Party’s fee (8€) and the local association’s fee (0–10€).

Anyone aged 15 to 29 can join. Through us, you have a direct line to the heart of decision-making. Whether you’re interested in getting to know organizational activities or aiming for a ministerial role in the future, we offer opportunities for that.

Youth of the National Coalition Party’s regional activities are managed by 12 district organizations that operate all over Finland. The districts follow the Finnish electoral district division. If you’re unsure about which district you belong to, you can check it here (in Finnish).

You can find the the data protection statement for member registration form here (in Finnish).


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